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Showtime Glass Inc. is a full-service auto glass shop that provides Saskatoon drivers with fast and affordable windshield replacements to ensure their vehicle’s safety and structural integrity.

Our team uses manufacturer-approved replacement techniques and professional-grade glass products to replace windshields that are damaged beyond repair. With over three decades of collective experience installing and repairing many types of glass, our company is Saskatoon’s go-to source for high-quality windshield replacements performed by certified technicians.

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A Passionate Windshield Repair and Replacement Company

Established in 2009 as an independent small business in Saskatoon, Showtime Glass Inc. has since grown into a team of glass experts with over 35 years of collective experience in the glazing trade. At our newly renovated glass installation and repair shop with three auto glass bays, we service a wide-ranging clientele, including commercial fleets, dealerships, private car owners, and residential customers.

We’re an SGI-accredited team, a certification that signifies our commitment to manufacturer-quality repairs using only industry-accepted parts and techniques. Our years of experience and expertise are reflected in our accreditation and reputation as a supplier of certified and safe vehicle glass repairs and replacements.

To learn more about our amazing team of auto glass specialists, please view our About Us page or give us a call to speak with our team directly.

Showtime Glass Inc.’s Premium Windshield Replacement Services

Our specialized auto glass repair and replacement shop is Saskatoon’s top source of high-quality and affordable windshield replacements. With a dedicated and passionate staff of trained automotive glass experts, you won’t find anyone more prepared to address any concerns with your windshield.

We quickly assess any damage to your vehicle’s glass components and determine whether a repair is possible or complete replacement is necessary. Then, we proceed with the recommended work, abiding by the following aspects of our standout service:

Premium Glass Products

Our windshield replacements are conducted using specialty automotive glass of the same quality used in the original manufacturing process. We carry an extensive inventory of windshield types suitable for any vehicle, from a small sedan to a large truck. In every instance, the glass products we use have been carefully inspected for flaws and are hand-installed to ensure a tight protective seal.

Timely Turnarounds on Windshield Work

Unlike many automotive repair shops, we specialize in repairing and replacing glass. This means that our service has been specifically streamlined and optimized for windshield replacement, allowing us to complete the work quickly while ensuring enhanced longevity and integrity for your new windshield.

Highly Specialized in Automotive Glass

Here at Showtime Glass Inc., our team specializes in a wide range of glass types, from residential and automobile glass to commercial and security glass. With a collective skillset comprising tempered, textured, laminated, and other types of specialty glass, we know the ins and outs of this material better than any other shop in Saskatoon.

Affordable Windshield Restoration

Sustaining sudden damage to your car can come as a blow to your financial outlook as well as your vehicle. We know that vehicle repairs can be unexpected and costly, so we seek to provide automotive glass replacement services that are consistently worth their fee and more. Our rates are competitive and reasonable, based only on the cost of the supplies and labor necessary to restore your car to a drivable condition.

The Importance of Replacing Your Damaged Windshield

When your vehicle’s windshield has sustained damage from a collision or projectile, it could be more seriously compromised than it appears. If the glass has developed a crack across the bottom or a chip has appeared in one corner, you might think that a windshield replacement is an unnecessary overreaction. In some cases, a repair job can restore the integrity of your windshield. However, at other times a repair would still leave your windshield vulnerable for the following reasons:

Impaired Driver’s View

Aside from shielding them from the wind, the most critical function of a windshield is to allow the driver to see. Cracks, chips, and other flaws in the windshield can easily obstruct the driver’s view and put everyone in the vehicle at risk.

If the crack or flaw in the glass is big enough, even a professional repair could still leave a mark that impairs the driver’s view. Depending on the size and severity of the damage, a replacement might be the best option to ensure the driver can operate the car safely.

Lessened Protection Against Shattering

Once even slightly damaged, a windshield is far more prone to shattering. Cracks and chips can cause a windshield to be significantly more vulnerable to projectiles and debris, from small stones to hail. In the worst-case scenario, an already weakened windshield will be more likely to shatter in the event of a collision with another vehicle or stationary object.

If the damage is significant enough to weaken your windshield, even with a repair, we’ll recommend a replacement for your safety.

Compromised Structural Integrity in a Collision

The windshield is an integral part of your vehicle’s structure, holding up the roof and sides and giving the car shape. If your windshield is compromised already, it is more likely to give way in a collision and result in a serious safety concern for the driver and passengers.

Manufacturer-produced windshields have undergone extensive testing to ensure they’re as resilient to impact as possible. Having your windshield replaced with manufacturer-approved products and techniques can help you benefit from the enhanced strength a high-quality windshield offers for your safety.

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If your windshield has been damaged in an incident or you’ve spotted a crack or chip in its surface, don’t hesitate to have it repaired or replaced by our team of auto glass specialists. We’re proud to serve the Saskatoon community with windshield replacement services that are worth every penny, and we encourage you to reach out if you’re in need of our assistance.

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