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Insurance Claims

When your personal or commercial vehicle suffers glass damage, let the experienced team at Showtime Glass Inc. help you manage your insurance claim from start to finish. Our friendly staff has guided countless clients through the claims process and specializes in eliminating confusion and delays. We aren't just talented glass workers and technicians-we're also SGI accredited and have experience managing a wide range of glass insurance claims.

When you report your auto glass claim, you have the right to select which company will perform the repair work. When you choose us, we'll help you through the entire claims process, including contacting your insurance company on your behalf, managing your coverage and deductible, and then invoicing your insurance company accordingly.

We appreciate how inconvenient it can be to have damaged car windows or windshields. Our team moves quickly to process your claim and complete repair work efficiently. Our technicians will have your windows back in working condition in no time.

Call us at (306) 952-3580 to learn about our complete auto glass repair and replacement services and what we'll do to explain your coverage options and ensure your insurance claim is filed correctly.

Professional Insurance Claims Management

When a stray rock cracks your windshield or your driver's side window won't open properly, you may be eligible to file an insurance claim to repair your vehicle's glass. When you call the glass experts at Showtime Glass Inc., you should expect friendly service and superior glass work. You should also expect seasoned professionals who can help you manage and make the most of your insurance claim.

Our knowledgeable and accommodating team works hard to make your insurance claim as stress-free as possible so you face fewer obstacles and can get back on the road quickly. After our licensed technicians assess the damage to your vehicle, we'll immediately begin the process of contacting your insurance provider and clarifying the coverage afforded through your current policy.

We're industry-leading glass experts who have experience working with various insurance providers to repair the following:

  • Windshield damage
  • Sunroof damage
  • Rear window damage
  • Side window damage
  • Side mirror damage
  • ...and more!

Our team has developed a comprehensive process to help streamline your insurance claim. We're happy to answer all your automotive glass insurance-related questions and will work steadfastly to ensure you feel supported.

Comprehensive Insurance Claims

Whether you've had a glass-related incident while driving or have discovered window damage on your vehicle while it was parked in a lot, our team can help streamline the process of taking care of your vehicle insurance claims. Our technicians are officially accredited and provide on-site inspections. Once we've identified your coverage type and inspected the damage to your window glass, we'll suggest repair work that respects your coverage, budget, and turnaround deadlines.

At Showtime Glass Inc., we provide comprehensive guidance for making insurance claims on auto window repairs and replacements because we care about your safety. When you manage your insurance claim through us, we ensure your claims process goes smoothly and that your vehicle is fitted with top-quality replacements or repair work you can depend on.

We're also a transparent and communicative company, so we'll be honest with you about your deductible cost and the damage's extent. A small crack in your windshield shouldn't keep you off the road long-term. When you partner with us, it won't.

Book Your Appointment With Showtime Glass Inc.'s Auto Glass Insurance Experts Today

When you need to make an auto glass claim, you can rely on the team at Showtime Glass Inc. to help you manage your coverage and repair your vehicle.

Call us at (306) 952-3580 to speak to our friendly specialists about insurance and book your auto glass repair today.

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