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Showtime Glass Inc. has been in the automotive industry for over 35 years, providing glass and mirror installation services for all vehicle types. Our experience has helped us hone our skills and develop a quick and efficient process for repairing and replacing automotive mirrors on all makes and models.

The mirrors on a vehicle are essential safety features that allow drivers a better view of their surroundings. Without them, motorists would need to physically turn around in the driver's seat to see obstructions behind or beside the vehicle. Doing this can result in unsafe driving. When a vehicle's mirror system is compromised, clients know to turn to our shop for a streamlined mirror repair or replacement service.

Count on our licensed experts to source and install your new mirror with precision. Contact us at (306) 952-3580 to book an appointment.

Rearview Mirror Installation

A functional rearview mirror is an essential part of your driving safety system. In many situations behind the wheel, the first thing you'll need to do before making a quick decision is to consult with this mirror. You won't get a clear picture of any dangers behind you when it's cracked or broken.

When you entrust us with your broken rear-view mirror repair or replacement, we'll work within your budget to provide a full suite of service options that are just right for your situation. Trust our technicians to identify the right mirror for replacements according to your vehicle's year and make. Whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, classic car, or something else, we'll source a suitable rear-view mirror from our extensive selection.

Is your rearview mirror damaged or hard to move and adjust? Let us offer you a swift and affordable solution to the problem quickly. Connect with us to receive a risk-free estimate.

What Causes Damage to a Vehicle's Mirrors?

As an accomplished service provider, we have seen every kind of mirror damage. Damaged automotive mirrors usually stem from a few causes, including:

  • Tree branches and rocks
  • Heavy rain or hail
  • Other vehicles
  • Accidents or collisions
  • Improper handling
  • ...and more

Hire us to fix your vehicles' mirrors with speed and accuracy. Phone our team to learn more about what makes us the right choice for any automotive mirror replacement service.

Side Mirror Replacement

Side mirrors display what's by your vehicle's side and what's behind you at an angle. Using side mirrors helps ensure that nothing obstructs your blind spot. When your side view mirror becomes damaged, we're here to help. Call or visit our shop to have your mirrors replaced with high-quality products that align with your preferences.

During our replacement process, we'll carefully remove your door panel to gain access to the mirror mounting hardware. Next, we'll remove the mirror and replace it with a sturdy new installation. If your mirror control switch has suffered damage, we'll offer affordable repair solutions to take care of this.

Finally, we'll thoroughly check the mirror's operation and reinstall your door panel. Do you have questions about our side mirror replacement process? We have answers. Phone our team for more details.

Contact Showtime Glass Inc. for Professional Mirror Installation and Replacement

Let Showtime Glass Inc. be your guide to mirror installation and replacements. Your mirrors are critical for safe and legal driving practices. It's best to replace them immediately to avoid citations or collisions.

Call (306) 952-3580 to request a risk-free estimate.

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