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Showtime Glass Inc. is proud to be a certified installer of RockGlass, one of the most reliable glass products on the market. If you’re tired of dealing with broken glass or would like to enhance your security, installing RockGlass can provide you with virtually unbreakable windows and doors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RockGlass window security system, please get in touch with our team for answers to your questions. You can reach us at (306) 952-3580 with any questions or concerns.

RockGlass: The Top Choice for Security Glass

There are many reasons why RockGlass is trusted by homeowners and businesses throughout the country. This expertly crafted product provides you with the clear view and aesthetic appeal you want without the inherent safety and security risks of ordinary, breakable glass.

If you would like to increase your peace of mind with a long-lasting investment in your property, then there is a lot to love about our RockGlass products. Learn more about what sets this material apart by giving us a call today!

Unbreakable Glass

RockGlass provides you with unbreakable, shatter-proof windows up to 200 times stronger than regular glass. This durable, low-maintenance glass will almost certainly last for the entire lifespan of your building, which means you won’t have to deal with replacing your windows anytime soon. Unlike many other types of unbreakable glass, RockGlass isn’t easily scratched, so you don’t have to worry about its appearance degrading over time.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of RockGlass over ordinary glass is its higher R-Value and UV coating. Thanks to these qualities, RockGlass can help maintain a stable temperature inside your building and reduce your energy bills. This also means you don’t need to worry about harsh lighting or UV damage to your belongings.

Lightweight and Flexible

With all the amazing properties of RockGlass, you may be thinking that it needs to be thick and heavy—but you would be mistaken. Although RockGlass is much stronger than standard windows, it’s also about half the weight! When combined with its flexibility, this means that RockGlass can be installed virtually anywhere you need it.

RockGlass is ideal for:

  • Commercial/industrial uses
  • Heavy equipment
  • Residential properties
  • …and more

Showtime Glass Inc. Is Your Local Provider of RockGlass Products

As the most trusted glass company in the area, we’re honored to be certified installers of high-quality RockGlass products. We’re firm believers in the multi-functionality and usefulness of this innovative material, and we enjoy helping our clients get the very best glass for their property without any compromises.

If you have had to deal with broken glass in the past and want to prevent any issues in the future, Showtime Glass Inc. is the name to remember.

Discover the Advantages of RockGlass

We look forward to showing you why RockGlass is an industry leader in shatter-proof glass. If you want unmatched security, safety, and durability without sacrificing the appearance of your building, then you’ll be glad that you hired our company for your installations.

Phone us today at (306) 952-3580 for everything you need to know.

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