The Top Benefits of Choosing Professional Windshield Repair

Aside from the obvious of allowing drivers to see the road ahead, a vehicle windshield has two primary purposes: maintaining the vehicle's structural integrity and helping airbags deploy properly when impacted by a road accident.

The importance of these two purposes means that driving with a damaged windshield is a more dangerous pursuit than you might realize. If compromised, the glass will no longer be strong enough to endure a minor crash and can shatter upon light impact, risking extreme harm to the passengers. Additionally, a damaged windshield can no longer provide a backstop that directs the expansion of the airbag, further adding to the risk of riding in the vehicle.

If you're a vehicle owner with a damaged windshield, we encourage you to take every measure to stay safe on the road. This includes repairing your windshield, even if it’s only minorly cracked or chipped.

To help you see the value of keeping repairs up to date, we’ve compiled a list of reasons your windshield should be a key priority in automotive repairs. Without wasting more time, let's dive into the essentials of how windshield repairs are tied to driver and passenger safety.

On-Road Safety

We touched on safety above, but we can't stress it enough, so allow us to go a little more in-depth. The most common reason drivers get their windshields repaired is to ensure safety. A cracked or damaged windshield can be a significant driving hazard because it impairs vision, leading to avoidable road accidents.

When vehicles are involved in an accident with an already-damaged windshield, the chance of the glass shattering increases tenfold. In such cases, the passengers risk enduring additional injury from the shattered glass or the roof crumpling without the structural support of the intact glass.

When cracks or chips occur in your windshield, it’s best to bring your vehicle to a professional windshield repair shop without skipping a beat. Experienced and licensed technicians are trained to identify the extent of damage and provide a safe solution to restore your windshield's integrity. With their expertise, you can be sure your windshield will be repaired to its original strength, ensuring your driving safety.


When minor damage goes unrepaired for too long, the damage will expand further, and the repair service will become more costly. We recommend you avoid this at all costs for two reasons: to save money down the road and to prevent the risk of driving a dangerous vehicle.

When you seek professional repairs, you’ll pay a service fee, of course. But enlisting this service early for a minor chip or crack means you’ll ultimately save on hefty future repairs, whether in the form of a complete windshield replacement or auto body repairs caused by a road accident.

Enhanced Resale Value

Suppose you decide to list your vehicle with a damaged windshield. You should prepare for potential buyers to either lowball their offer or negotiate an unreasonable discount. Dealing with this private selling nuisance can be easily avoided by maintaining the windshield. The cost of repairs will likely be less than what you’ll lose in the selling price.

Professional, Quality Repairs

When you pay for a professional windshield repair service, you're making the right choice. A trained technician will guarantee quality repairs that last and restores your vehicle’s integrity. They have the know-how to assess and conduct repairs on all window types and can quickly determine if the glass needs to be replaced entirely.

As a vehicle owner, you may assume a few cracks or a star break can be fixed easily. However, the damage is so extensive in many cases that repairs would yield no impactful benefit. In any case, we always recommend seeking professional advice to confirm that your decisions are sound.

What’s more, professional windshield repairs should come with a warranty that ensures you get a quality repair that lasts.

Access to Insurance Coverage

Most comprehensive auto insurance policies will cover professional windshield repair costs if the damage was caused by anything other than an auto accident. Alternatively, your collision insurance might cover a repair service if the damage results directly from an accident.

Either way, repairing cracked glass might come cheaply, depending on the policy you purchased. So, why wouldn’t you bring it to a professional? If you ask us, a price tag should never be placed on your safety, especially when the price tag is paid in part or whole by a third party.

If your vehicle has endured extensive windshield damage, and you’re unsure if you have coverage to pay for the repairs, we encourage you to call your insurance company. Alternatively, you can take it to an auto glass shop and ask if they’ll contact your insurance provider on your behalf. Both options take a few moments and can give you insight into the price you need to pay for professional repairs.

Drive With Improved Visibility

A cracked windshield can significantly reduce your driving visibility, making navigating the road difficult. Professional windshield repair restores your windshield's clarity, improving visibility and ensuring a safe driving experience. Furthermore, trained and experienced professionals can guarantee a clearer driving experience by using the right tools and techniques to restore the glass to like-new condition.

Getting behind the wheel means committing to driving safely to keep yourself, your passengers, and all other drivers on the road safe. You can live up to this responsibility by repairing your windshield whenever it becomes damaged.

Bottom Line

While there’s a cost to getting your windshield professionally repaired, the benefits far outweigh the small fee. From restoring safety to ensuring you get the most when selling your vehicle, we highly encourage you to drop off your car at the auto shop when the glass becomes damaged.

Here at Showtime Glass Inc., we specialize in auto glass repair service and have extensive experience working on all makes and models and all glass types. We can repair your glass to like-new condition to satisfy both you and your auto insurance policy requirements.

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